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Rocket attack Israel Police

Riyad al-Maliki, the Palestinian Authority (PA) “foreign minister”, said on Tuesday that Jerusalem is a red line and the Palestinians will not agree to it being crossed, as Jerusalem belongs to its Arab residents and is the future capital of “Palestine”.

Speaking during an emergency meeting of the foreign ministers of the Arab League, Maliki said that Israel believed that its decision to annex eastern Jerusalem would lead the Palestinians to give up Jerusalem, and that its "racist" policy against the Arab residents of Jerusalem and its "fascist crimes" would force them to leave the city.

However, Maliki said, the "occupying state" has not learned from the mistakes of the past and each time it is forced to "re-occupy" Jerusalem as it fails to Judaize it or expel the Arab residents.

He blamed the entire Israeli establishment, including the courts, for implementing the goal of eliminating the Palestinian-Islamic and Christian Arab presence in Jerusalem and “Judaizing” the city.

Israel "is the one that ignited the fire with its own hands, and there is no option for us but to win the Al-Quds battle," Maliki said. "Without granting the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people in their independent state whose capital is Holy Jerusalem, no one in the area will have peace, security and stability."

Maliki called on the international community to reconsider its relations with Israel, to which he referred as the "racist fascist state."