Gaza terrorists fire rockets
Gaza terrorists fire rocketsAlbert Sadikov/Flash 90

A statement by member of Congress Rep. Ro Khanna calling for an end to Hamas rocket attacks and for de-escalation by “all parties” was met with a harsh response by far left activist group Jewish Voice For Peace who labelled him “shameful,” leading some to wonder how the radical group can get away with the word "peace" in their name.

Khanna’s statement said, “Hamas must stop the rocket attacks targeting Jerusalem and civilians. The violence has already taken the lives of Palestinian & Israeli civilians, including children. All parties must de-escalate, and we must work towards a just two-state solution that upholds human rights.”

Jewish Voice for Peace replied “No, @RepRoKhanna” and said “This is shameful, Rep Khanna.”

The activist group, which supports BDS, also added, “Israeli airstrikes are killing Palestinians in Gaza. Including children. Palestinians who are trapped under a 14 year illegal Israeli blockade. Palestinians who have no resources and who cannot flee.”

Popular pro-Israel blog Elder of Ziyon joined in, saying that the Jewish Voice for Peace group’s name is a contradiction, accusing the group of being against those promoting peace.

“The name ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ gets more ironic every day. Here they are upset at a member of Congress calling for...peace,” tweeted Elder of Ziyon. “They are UPSET that @RoKhanna asked Hamas to stop shooting rockets at Jews, and for both sides to de-escalate. Jewish Voice for Killing Jews.”