Due to the escalation in the south of Israel, MDA needs to reinforce the teams immediately with life-saving emergency equipment, in order to meet the challenges under fire.

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MDA teams spread across Israel, working around the clock to provide emergency medical care to the wounded.

While citizens stay in shelters or residential secure spaces, MDA's devoted medics and paramedics are called to the scenes under sirens and falling missiles. They risk their lives in order to save ours.

MDA needs life-saving emergency equipment for the medi-cycles, ambulances and Mobile Intensive Care Units; biodegradables, respirators and oxygen tanks, bandages, medications and advanced monitors, which allow continuous monitoring of the patient and prioritizing admission to the hospitals accordingly.

MDA serves as the national EMS organization, Blood Bank and Red Cross representative in Israel, and relies on generous donors in Israel and abroad for support. Each donation is crucial.

MDA needs you! Donate now