The couple which got engaged before the attack
The couple which got engaged before the attackצילום: חופשי

Arab terrorists attacked a young couple in Jerusalem, stabbed the young man and tried to lynch him - shortly after he proposed to his partner at a popular couple's spot in the eastern part of the city..

The knife penetrated the victim's lung and he is still hospitalized. During the attack, his fiancée escaped and hid from the attackers, and only when the wounded young man managed to reach the police on his own did police arrive to rescue the woman.

The stabbing attack took place on Sunday evening, after Aviha, a 21-year-old resident of Samaria, proposed to his girlfriend Shahar at a location overlooking the Temple Mount. The couple informed their families and friends of the news and left. On the way, their vehicle was blocked by other vehicles, and the rioters began throwing stones and rocks at them.

"The back window broke, I went outside to make them go away, and my fiancée called the police. At first they were afraid of me, but when they realized I was alone they knocked me to the floor and beat me all over, threw stones at me while I was on the floor," Avihah described. During the attack, Avihah was stabbed in the back, but he was not yet aware of it.

As she attempted to call the police, Shahar escaped from the vehicle. However, Avihah was unaware of this: "After five minutes of them beating me, I managed to get back in the car, and I saw that Shahar was not there. I was sure that the Arabs had taken her. I drove quickly to the Beit Orot junction, where there were police, and said there was a lynching."