Abbas and Fatah leadership in Ramallah
Abbas and Fatah leadership in RamallahFlash 90

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has denounced the ongoing violence against Jews in Israel, placing blame squarely on the shoulder of PA President Mahmoud Abbas, while urging US President Joe Biden to publicly condemn Abbas, Fatah, Hamas and other terror-supporting Arab groups who have been “perpetrating this violence, using a legal eviction as a phony excuse.”

“Stop falsely blaming the Jews which only encourages the violent Arab terrorists. Stop giving special privilege to Arab Muslim terrorists committing hate crimes against Jews and the Jewish State,” the group said in a statement.

The ZOA, America’s first and oldest Zionist organization, also took aim at incitement by Hamas but said in a statement that it “strongly condemns the antisemitic Arab violence against innocent Jews in Jerusalem, promoted and incited by Mahmoud Abbas.”

“On their multiple official and private Facebook sites and media outlets, PA dictator Mahmoud Abbas, his Fatah Movement and ‘all its [Fatah’s] elements and leadership’ widely publicized their communiqué directing everyone (every Arab) to ‘continue the uprising. . .and raise the level of confrontation.’ This communique was prefaced with Koranic verses in an attempt to incite an Islamic holy war against innocent Jews,” stated the ZOA.

They noted that the day after terrorists murdered an Israeli teenager and injured two other teenagers, Abbas’s Fatah broadcast a video message imploring Jerusalem Arabs to commit additional murders of Jews. The video used the words form an Arab song, O self-sacrificing fighter, may your bullet hit their targets.”

“Can you imagine if Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu set out such a demand to Israeli Jews? Netanyahu would be roundly condemned. Yet the world is silent about Abbas’ provocations. Is there Arab Muslim privilege?! Or is it just Jew-hatred?”

They added that the world is also silent about violence incited against Jews by Hamas, including senior Hamas official Fathi Hammad urging Arabs to buy “five shekel” knives to murder Jews.

“But again, the world is silent — or blames the Israeli victims of Arab violence. Is this Arab Muslim privilege or just Jew-hatred?! The world has ignored the fact that the Arabs have stored all sorts of weapons in the Mosque on the Temple Mount in preparation for injuring and murdering Jews.”