Teacher and radio host Judy Simon went to see and experience the Jerusalem Day Flag Dance but walked away disappointed when the event was cancelled out of security concerns.

"I came to the Flag Dance hoping to see young people dancing with joy, holding the flags, expressing with their body languages the joy of having returned to Jerusalem," she said.

She called it a "wonderful thing."

Unfortunately, the government decided given what is going on presently the situation was not safe and the event was cancelled. Simon felt let down by the government's decision.

“Because there have been terror events and threats of terror, our government just folded and decided not to let the dance take place even though its been happening every years no matter what,” she said.

She described the scene that unfolded at the event when the sirens went off.

“I was standing near a group of boy’s yeshivas and they were told to sit down on the ground and they did. They continued singing quietly. There was a lot of upset. A lot of kids were angry even. But they followed instructions.”

She said that the kids did as they should have, though she could see the disappointment on their faces.

“What were they supposed to do? They’re kids. They probably in their hearts wants to jump up and run to the Kotel."

Simon related the lyrics of the Hebrew song that the kids were singing when the sirens sounded.

In English the song translates to the message that the "Jewish people are not afraid of a long journey."

"We’ve been journeying toward Jerusalem for 2,000 years. We’re just continuing that journey and it might be another day, another year, or another 10 years, but we know w’re on the right path and G-d is with us," she said.