IDF Spokesman Brigadier General Hedi Zilberman spoke with military reporters this evening (Monday) and gave an update on IDF attacks in the Gaza Strip in response to the dozens of rockets fired in recent hours at Jerusalem, central Israel and the Gaza Envelope communities.

"Hamas will feel the power of the IDF - the response will be sharp and will not last minutes but days," Zilberman said. "We eliminated three Hamas operatives in the northern Gaza Strip. We are also preparing for the possibility of an extensive operation. Hamas will feel the IDF's powerful arm in the coming days."

Gaza media reported that a senior member of Hamas' military wing, Muhammad Abdullah Fayyad, was assassinated by the IDF tonight. The Gaza Ministry of Health reports nine dead, including three children, following IDF attacks in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF denied any involvement in the deaths of the children and stated that they were killed in a failed rocket launch against Israel.