After an Iowa Jewish middle school student was sent a TikTok video titled “Hitler Gang,” police and the school district are investigating.

According to WBALTV11, the Grinnell, Iowa police department said that a local resident reported that the video was sent to their son because he was Jewish.

The 10-second clip features several boys from Grinnell-Newberg Community District School goose-stepping through the school hallway “with their arms extended and palms down.”

The video also contained “several racist and derogatory hashtags.”

Jewish student Ori Zaret told WBALTV that the video was sent from a group of students who were bullying him.

"Now I'm kind of scared to go to school," Ori said.

“I don't really remember doing much of anything to them. So, it kind of confuses me,” he added.

He immediately reported the video to his parents, who contacted the school.

"These kids need to know this is not what our community finds acceptable," said his mother, Zoe Zaret in an interview with WBALTV. "This is not what our country finds acceptable."

Grinnell-Newburg Superintendent Janet Stutz stated that the students who filmed and sent the video have been punished by the school district. Grinnell police are currently investigating to determine if the video violates any laws.