Israel Police and Border Police forces were stationed Saturday evening throughout Jerusalem's Old City, allowing approximately 75,000 Muslims to pray at the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount.

During the course of the evening, police officers were attacked on Haguy Street, and two suspects were arrested. Nearby, rocks were thrown at police officers, and one officer suffered an injury to his face. One suspect was arrested.

A spokesman for the Hamas terror group's military wing, Abu Ubaidah, published a special announcement, stating: "We salute the strong people who are in Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Mosque, and we say to them that the Commander Mohammed Deif promised them - and he will not break his promise."

Meanwhile, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit plans to turn to the Supreme Court with a request to delay the discussion which had been planned for Monday on the subject of evacuating the homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem.

On Friday evening riots broke out on the Temple Mount, following the last Friday of Ramadan. Hundreds of Muslim worshipers set off fireworks and threw rocks, bottles, and other objects at police officers, who responded by using riot dispersal methods. Twenty officers were injured, one of whom is in moderate condition. The Red Crescent reported that 205 people were injured in Jerusalem, including one person who is in serious condition.