Roger Waters, former Pink Floyd frontman and outspoken Israel basher and BDS supporter, has released a new video in which he accuses Israel of "genocidal removal" of Arabs living in a disputed area of Sheikh Jarrah.

“Biden is still going ‘Oh, I support Israel.’ Oh, wait you support them in this genocidal removal of people from their homes,” Waters said.

Waters then alleged that settlers were stealing the houses of Arabs whose ”families had lived (there for) hundreds of years.”

In reality, the Arab families only moved into the area in the 1950s when a deal was struck between Jordan and the UN to move 28 families into what had turned into an empty plot of land in Sheikh Jarrah after Jordan's occupation of East Jerusalem after 1948. In a complex legal case, Jordan never transferred ownership deeds to the land to the Arabs living there. The descendants of those families would have been able to stay in their homes had they agreed to pay rent to the Jewish owners of the land. They refused to do so.

“Then some a*****e comes along and goes “That’s ours. I’m a settler. I’m going to take your house from you. I don’t care what you do. Die – that would be the very best thing,” Waters ranted.

After uttering a string of curse words, he praised Human Rights Watch for following B’Tselem’s lead in denouncing Israel as an “apartheid state.”

“I’m starting a campaign to try and persuade FIFA to stop playing soccer against them. That will focus the attention. It certainly did to the South Africans.”

Waters then, in an exaggerated voice, did his impression of an Afrikaner sports fan, and addressing white South Africans he said, “You were committing the international crime of apartheid, just like the State of Israel is now.”

The Elder of Ziyon blog tweeted in response to Waters latest anti-Israel tirade, “The famed international law expert @RogerWaters has declared evicting people for not paying rent for 40 years to be "GENOCIDE!!! ‘Apartheid’ is so last month, you know?”

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