Belz hasidim (illustrative)
Belz hasidim (illustrative) Flash 90

Following the terrible tragedy that occurred in Meron last week, when 45 people lost their lives during the Lag Ba’omer celebrations during the early hours of Friday morning, the Rebbe (hasidic leader) of Belz wrote a public letter encouraging Jews to work on loving one another and respecting one another, and to avoid hatred and disputes.

“As our holy books write, the reason behind each and every tragic event is solely to awaken us and inspire us to correct our behavior and repent,” the Rebbe wrote.

“Therefore, when it is G-d’s will to bring sorrows upon us, and especially in this case, at the very site of the tomb of the holy Tanna [rabbinic sage] Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, on Lag Ba’omer [the day of his passing], a day on which we traditionally rejoice on the anniversary of the day when the disciples of Rabbi Akiva stopped dying [in a plague] – for the reason that they did not treat each other with sufficient respect – this is a clear sign to us that this is the area in which we specifically have to be concerned with improving our ways. We have to learn to respect one another properly, to love one another for no other reason [than that we are all Jews], and to stay far away from all disputes and hatred…”

On Wednesday evening, the Belzer Rebbe paid a condolence call to the Englard family which is mourning two sons, Moshe Nosson Nuta and Yehoshua, obm, who were both killed in Meron. While there, the Rebbe said that, “After such a tremendous loss, the entire Jewish People has to do some serious soul-searching.”

While the Rebbe himself visited the Englard family, he also sent his representatives to the homes of the other victims of the tragedy, with a personal message for each family:

“You merited to bring these souls into the world, souls that atoned for the entire generation. As such, they are all of our children, although G-d chose you, specifically, to raise them and educate them in the proper way – and now you have returned those souls that were entrusted to you, with broken hearts and yet also with a pure and simple faith … Ashreichem – this is your great privilege, to be part of this sacrifice and not to entertain any doubts that this was indeed G-d’s will.

“May it now be G-d’s will that never again should such a tragedy befall either you or any part of the Jewish People, and may we soon merit to see the ultimate redemption and the resurrection of the dead, Amen.”

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