Jonathan Pollard on Thursday spoke at the funeral of Yehuda Guetta, who was murdered in the shooting terror attack at the Tapuah Junction.

"Yehuda, I'm sorry, I don't speak Hebrew. I'm a simple Jew and I never expected to come home after 30 years and find you like this.

"I had hoped and prayed that my own sacrifice would prevent this type of tragedy. But evil, the evil that took Yehuda, has a power that it incredible. It doesn't cease, it doesn't stop. It shows no pity or remorse.

"But we do, and that's why we come here, to say Shalom to Yehuda.

"What we do now following this tragedy will make a difference in the land of Israel."

Addressing the crowd, he said, "Your brother lies murdered in cold blood. Most of you have served in the army honorably. Most of you understand what we're facing. But here, this is not theory, this is reality, where we're living right now."

"I never expected to come back and be faced with this kind of tragedy. And we have to resolve that this stop. This can't go on anymore. I don't want to see this kind of tragedy happening again. And it's in all of our power, through our praying and, yes, what we do at the polls to stop this."

"There has to be a purpose in death, and if this young man's death unites us to prevent this kind of tragedy again by doing whatever is necessary, then he will not have died in vain.

"Right now there a great war in [the heavens], just as there is here on earth. And Hashem has an army, just like we have an army down here. And He took the best one to join His army.

"This is a [hero of Israel.] He's a [sacrifice] but a [hero]. And when you go home and pray to Hashem that something like this must never happen again, remember him, don't forget him."