Anne Frank's house
Anne Frank's houseFlash 90

A communist group in Colorado bragged in social media posts about burning Anne Frank’s diary while describing her as a “colonizer” and a “bleach demon” alongside antisemitic statements.

The Black Hammer Organization, which calls itself as a “symbol of hope for the colonized working class,” posted that they were burning copes of The Diary of Anne Frank to keep warm in the mountains of Colorado.

The group’s website describes the organization as “a revolutionary mass organization dedicated toward building a sustainable future for all colonized people worldwide."

According to Fox News they tweeted on Tuesday, "Y’all (whities) keep asking us how we’re going to keep ourselves warm up in the mountains? Don’t y’all already know it just takes a good book to burn and some nice wood. And best believe we have plenty of copies to keep us warm all season long."

They followed up with a tweet calling Anne Frank a “colonizer.”

"Colonizers have enslaved, genocided, ate, tortured, and oppressed us for centuries, but get mad when we say we’re going to ‘burn’ a yt girl’s diary," they tweeted. "Sorry, but we don’t share the same material reality with daughters of German imperialists in armies that killed our people."

They went on to compare Christopher Columbus and former Presidents Andrew Jackson and George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler.

They further referred to Anne Frank as a “bleach demon” and alleged that the profits from sales of her diary were used to fund a genocide of the Palestinian Arabs.

"Anne Frank’s father participated in an imperial army that went abroad (and) killed African people everyday, but we’re supposed to cry for the bleach demon," they tweeted. "What makes it even worse is proceeds of her diary, which was filled in by her father, go towards genocide of Palestinians.”

The group’s “latest project” is a GoFUndMe campaign to raise $500,000 to build their own communist city called Hammer City. The project has so far raised $64,000. A recent post claimed that Black Hammer had “liberated” 200 acres of land in "so-called ‘Colorado, USA.”