MK Ayelet Shaked
MK Ayelet ShakedHezki Baruch

Since the election, Naftali and I have worked very hard to form a right-wing government. This has been very, very difficult.

It is possible to tell stories and fill the country with spin doctoring, but in the end Netanyahu was unable to form a right-wing government, due to opposition from Sa'ar and Liberman, and because of Bezalel's stubbornness. From the beginning, Yamina's seven seats were part of the right-wing bloc, without conditions and without boycotts.

I go back a long way with Naftali. We entered public life together. I'm not sure there is a precedent for the trust that exists between us.

I want to make it clear: Naftali came to the negotiations with Netanyahu with clean hands, an open heart and a willing mind. He sat in nightly meetings, met everyone he could, turned over every stone, so that a right-wing government would be formed. I saw it with my eyes - he did everything he could and beyond, to make it happen.

I can understand the confusion as well as the anger, but I will not give a hand to wild slander: Bennett said from the beginning that he would try to form a right-wing government and so he did. He also said he would make every effort to prevent further elections - and so he will do now. Like we said, we will always strive for and prefer a right-wing government.

We are right-wing ideologues and are responsible for part of the revolution that has taken place here in recent years. We introduced the value of sovereignty into the political discourse when Netanyahu's Bar Ilan speech was the compass, we changed the legal discourse from a progressive discourse to a conservative discourse, we began to regulate the settlements and we changed the discourse from evacuation to regulation. We will stand for all these values, always.

I know Naftali well and believe in his sincerity, in his great love for this people, and in his ability to transcend in moments of crisis.

We work together and with G-d's help we will do and succeed.