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After incidents of antisemitic harassment and bullying escalated into threats during a two week period, a Jewish Twin Falls, Idaho mother pulled her daughter and son out of South Hills Middle School.

The girl’s mother told KEZJ that initially her daughter had been bullied by a group of girls who threatened to beat her up.

Then when she began attending South Hills Middle school, a group of boys there said they idolized Hitler and one of them threatened to “gas her.” The girl said that the antisemitic taunts only became worse, with one of the boys telling her that he was going to pick on her because she was Jewish and she would hate him for it.

The mother said that one student was suspended but that her daughter still ran into him at a school dance where he taunted her, saying, “Thanks for getting me suspended.”

The group of kids who were bullying her were also still able to contact her.

The mother stated that the school’s resource officer said they wouldn’t do anything because they didn’t have the means to intervene, KEZJ reported.

The woman also called the Twin Falls Police Department who told her that they were not able to do anything because no laws had been broken.

The mother subsequently removed both her daughter and son from South Hills Middle School.