Health Ministry Director Prof Hezi Levy
Health Ministry Director Prof Hezi LevyFlash 90

The Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Hezi Levy, signed today, Wednesday, a directive that extends the Green Badge until December 2021.

Prof. Levy said: "In light of the decrease in morbidity and in view of the fact that it seems that the vaccine will protect us at least until the end of the year, we decided, at the instruction of the Minister of Health, to extend the Green Badge for vaccinated and recovering patients until December 2021."

The director general of the Ministry of Health added: “I am happy that the vaccine protects us and allows us to return to a routine of life. But we must be careful and still maintain caution, masks in enclosed spaces and keeping distance as there is still not complete information about the effectiveness of the vaccine's protection against some of the different variants. I want to hope that we will continue with routine and that we will be able to persevere in this way of life."

According to Our World in Data, as of May 4, there have been 6,369 deaths in Israel attributed to Covid-19 since March 20, 2020, while 3,295 of these deaths have occurred since the vaccination campaign commenced on December 20, 2020.