The victim's vehicle, which suffered severe damage
The victim's vehicle, which suffered severe damageHonenu

A Jewish resident of Jerusalem's Beit Orot neighborhood was stoned by Arab rioters as he returned home.

The incident, which occurred two weeks ago, left the victim's vehicle severely damaged and the victim himself injured by broken glass.

Honenu attorney Haim Bleicher demanded that Israel Police bring the suspects, who were arrested after the attack, to justice.

"I returned to my home, to Beit Orot," the victim, A., told Arutz Sheva. "There was a very serious traffic jam, and I saw at least forty Arab youths going from car to car, looking to see if [the driver] was an Arab or a Jew."

"The moment they identified me, they didn't even check if I had a baby in the car - they threw barrages of rockets and metal sticks and whatever else came to hand. Thank G-d, miracle of miracles, I escaped from there and somehow managed to escape it. It was really amazing luck. My children were supposed to be with me in the car that day. All of their car seats were filled with rocks and glass. We understand now, and we already knew, the kind of people we are dealing with."

The attack occurred two weeks ago, on Martin Buber Street in Jerusalem. Arab rioters who were at the scene identified the victim as a Jew and began to close in around his vehicle. According to Bleicher's letter to the police, within seconds the rioters began attacking his vehicle with stones, wooden pallets, and other objects.

The vehicle sustained severe damage, and the victim himself was injured by broken glass.

"It was a miracle that the rioters did not succeed in killing my client, and he managed to continue driving to his home," Bleicher said. "In these days, Jewish residents of the city in general, and of this neighborhood in particular, are suffering severe anti-Semitic attacks. We should be acting against these [attacks] with an iron fist and uncompromisingly."

"The children were supposed to be in the car with me that day" Credit: Honenu