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In the only officially documented case in US history of a dead person voting in a US election, a Pennsylvania man was sentenced to five years probation after he pleaded guilty to voting for President Donald Trump using his mother’s name in the 2020 election, according to court documents.

Bruce Bartman, 70, was sentenced on Friday after pleading guilty to two perjury counts and one count of unlawful voting. Bartman will also lose his right to vote for four years, said the Pennsylvania district attorney’s office in a statement.

According to CNN, voter records show Bartman using the Pennsylvania online voter registration site to register his late mother and his deceased mother-in-law Elizabeth Weihman who died in 2019 as Republicans.

Bartman filled out an absentee ballot in the name of his dead mother for the 2020 election.

Samuel Stretton, Bartman’s lawyer, told the court that due to the pandemic his client had been isolated alone at his home and was tricked by “propaganda and statements” that he heard about voter fraud.

"This was his way of misguided political dissent. He accepts the responsibility,” Stretton said.