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Seattle police have launched an investigation after a family in the Fremont neighborhood were terrorized in the middle of the night by a man making anti-Semitic gestures and death threats, reported NBC Seattle.

The homeowner said that she saw the man walk up to her house where he made a Nazi salute in front of her doorbell security camera.

After a few minutes, the man returned wearing a homemade mask. He stood near the homeowner’s daughter’s window and threatened to kidnap her and kill her parents.

The mezuzah on the family’s front door likely tipped off the perpetrator that they were Jewish, according to the woman, who wished to remain anonymous over safety concerns.

"My entire life is affected by what anti-Semitism can do, and this is the most overt incident I've ever experienced, and I'm scared," she said.

Due to the man's familiarity with the location of the homeowner's daughter's window, the woman said that she suspected he had been outside their house in the past. She described the incident as "terrifying."