Israeli security forces have arrested several Palestinian Arabs suspected of aiding the terrorist responsible for Sunday’s drive-by shooting attack in Samaria, Palestinian Authority media outlets reported Tuesday morning.

According to the reports, IDF forces arrested the suspects in a predawn operation Tuesday.

On Monday, Israeli forces located the vehicle used in the attack. Damage from gunfire was found on the vehicle.

Three Israeli teenagers, students at a yeshiva in Itamar, were wounded in the attack, which took place at Tapuah Junction in Samaria Sunday afternoon.

The terrorist opened fire from his vehicle at the teens as they waited at a bus stop, before fleeing the scene. IDF forces stationed at the junction opened fire at the terrorist as he sped off.

Two of the three students, Yehuda Guetta and Benaya Peretz, were seriously wounded in the attack, with Guetta listed in critical condition.