Imam (image has no connection to story)
Imam (image has no connection to story)iStock

During a sermon last month, a Miami-based imam said that Israel is the “land of Islam” and that Muslims would take the land back, while Israelis run away “like mice,” according to a video posted by MEMRI.

Imam Dr. Fadie Yourself Kablawi gave the sermon on Friday, April 16 at North Miami’s Masjid as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah mosque.

He further said that, “every true Muslim should talk to himself about dying as a martyr for the sake of Allah,” labeling the act, "the greatest [spiritual] level that you can attain."

He said that “Palestine is the land of Islam - and we will take it back.”

Referring to Jews, Kablawi asked: “If you are loyal to your land and claim it's yours, why did you leave it twice? Why did you run away?”

The imam also denounced Western civilization.

“They fought us in every single thing, they took away from us every single thing,” he said. “Who are ‘they’? The disbelievers, the West, the Jews and the Christians. This is history," he continued.

Kablawi went on to accuse the West and the Jews of, "taking every single thing you can think of." "The only thing they failed to take is Islam, and don’t ask if they have tried. Oh, they have been trying from the very beginning," he complained.