Rabbi Haim Amsalem
Rabbi Haim AmsalemHezki Baruch

Rabbi Haim Amsalem, a prominent Sephardic rabbi, on Monday morning responded to what he called the "sheep-like silence of the haredi parties and ministers with regards to the tragedy in Meron," calling for the creation of a government committee to investigate the disaster and uncover who is at fault.

"Sometimes it seems that the haredi ministers and MKs are just salespeople and businessmen for the haredi public - not individuals serving the public," he said.

According to Rabbi Amsalem, "Everyone warned that the writing was on the wall and the tragedy was predictable, but instead of trying to fix it, they only torpedoed every available solution."

"The independent management of different hasidic sects as a state within the State, or as an independent autonomy, in Meron in particular, and on other topics such as the coronavirus, has already brought about great tragedies, and these must come to an end immediately," said Amsalem.

"The State of Israel's weakness and powerlessness in the face of these sectors, at times such as this tragedy, weakens the internal fortitude of Israeli society as a whole," he concluded.