Andrew Yang
Andrew YangReuters

New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang will be endorsed this week by high profile Brooklyn Jewish politicians and rabbis, reported the New York Post.

The frontrunner is expecting to be endorsed by Brooklyn state Assembly member Simcha Eichenstein and Councillor Kalman Yeger.

A number of eminent local rabbis are also expected to offer their endorsements, according to the Yang campaign.

“Getting Kalman Yeger and Simcha Eichenstein is a really big deal as we head into the homestretch. They talked with Andrew and decided to postpone public endorsement out of respect for events in Israel. But we are excited to welcome them to Team Yang this week,” a Yang campaign member told the New York Post.

Yang had previously stirred controversy with Jewish New Yorkers for his 2019 statement that he was against the practice of circumcision, according to the Daily Beast.

Yang’s campaign has also come under question by Jewish New Yorkers for the appointment of campaign manager Sasha Neha Ahuja, who, according to the Forward, “criticized support for Israel, disparaged Zionism and invoked antisemitic trope in 2012 tweets.”

The New York Post reported that Ahuja has “close ties” to Linda Sarsour.