Aliza Bloch
Aliza Bloch Miriam Alster, Flash 90

Hadassah Medical Center nephrologist Dr. Aharon Bloch and husband of Beit Shemesh mayor Dr. Aliza Bloch has donated a kidney. The recipient of the kidney Naomi Shaked Mondar and her family briefly met with the Bloch family members, where they exchanged pleasantries and became acquainted. The mayor described the encounter as heartfelt, as she praised the ability to give, receive and create a mutual bond between strangers.

Dr. Bloch had decided to donate a kidney the night he had to announce the passing of Rabbi Yeshayahu Heber, the founder of the NGO “Gift of Life” who he treated. The operation was conducted by Dr. Bloch's colleagues in the Hadassah Medical Center. His donation is the first of its kind by a nephrologist in Israel.

Beit Shemesh mayor Dr. Aliza Bloch: "Every donation is exciting and touching, and the donation of a kidney by a nephrologist is an educational as well as unique act. The special moments we shared with Naomi, the recipient of the kidney, turned us from strangers to fate partners instantly. I hope we will continue to shed light in the world and I wish a speedy recovery to Naomi and Aharon".

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