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Less than a day since the terrible disaster on Mount Meron on Friday, Tzfat's Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu answered the question of whether it was a sign from heaven or anger.

"Rabbi [Mordechai] Eliyahu of righteous and blessed memory," the rabbi said of his father, "would often mention the holy Zohar which says that with Rabbi Shimon [bar Yochai], everything depends on kindness and 'Ahavat Chinam,' baseless love."

"Unfortunately, for the last two years, Rabbi Shimon has not accepted us."

"Last year during the coronavirus outbreak, and this year he really threw us out. We must pay attention that these are the two years in which there is controversy and hatred among the people of Israel," Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu added.

We unite together with "Ahavas Chinam" in memory of the victims>>

He continued to tell about his father: "The rabbi would bring the story from the Zohar about Rabbi Yossi, who came to Rabbi Shimon to ask for mercy for the People of Israel because there was a cessation of rains.

Rabbi Shimon said to them, "When the people of Israel act as brothers, and each one looks at his brother like the cherubs, then Hashem dwells among us and He listens to our prayers and our teachings and rejoices in us."

We must unite and grow stronger in baseless love between people. We must not remain complacent and move past what happened as if it had nothing to do with us!

We unite together with "Ahavas Chinam" in memory of the victims>>

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