ZAKA truck near site of Meron disaster
ZAKA truck near site of Meron disasterTomer Neuberg/Flash90

A group of female soldiers who were dispatched to help evacuate the wounded in the wake of the mass casualty incident in Meron Thursday night were verbally accosted and even attacked by haredi extremists, the IDF Home Front Command stated Saturday night.

The IDF stated that the soldiers ignored the abuse and continued their mission to assist the wounded.

“We entered the gravesite to search for injured people and suddenly a commotion began that there were female soldiers in uniforms who were touching the wounded,” one soldier explained to Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio).

“They started to kick and spit on us. The female soldiers were kicked, spit on, and punched from every direction,” the soldier added.

The issue was raised by the soldiers as part of a preliminary investigation into the incident, after they returned to their base.

An IDF spokesman said: "The IDF views the incident very seriously and condemns any violence, physical or verbal, against its female and male soldiers. The IDF in general and the Home Front Command in particular will continue to reach out, assist and rescue any civilian or resident in a time of need."

Defense Minister Benny Gantz praised the IDF's role in rescuing many of those who were trapped during the disaster: “Saving lives is a supreme value and I’m proud of all IDF soldiers in treating the wounding in the disaster at Meron and firmly condemn whoever attacked the soldiers there.

“Many citizens owe their lives to those who were called to the event. Just like at Meron, just like during the coronavirus, IDF soldiers will continue to save lives wherever they are needed.”