Avigdor Chayut, who was injured in the Meron disaster, left the hospital on Saturday night to attend the funeral of his 13-year-old son, Yedidya Moshe, who died in the stampede.

"Yedidya, we will be strong and we will move forward, you will never part from us," the father said. "Tonight both your mother and I bought burial plots next to you. We will not part, either we will meet after 120 or we will meet after the resurrection soon."

"In the meantime we have sent you as an ambassador to heaven, to meet your sister who died immediately upon birth. You will get to know all the rabbis and tzaddiks you talked about, I wish we could have achieved a tenth of what you have," Avigdor added as he sat on the ambulance bed.


Also on Saturday night, 22-year-old Yedidya Asher Fogel from the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood in Jerusalem, who was killed in the Meron tragedy, was laid to rest at Har HaMenuchot Cemetery in Jerusalem.

Yedidya’s brother, Zvi Yehuda Dror, spoke of his special character and said, "You were a special brother, a son so beloved to father and mother. You would follow your rabbis and follow the righteous. Give us more of Yedidya. Give the people of Israel more of his friendship. Give us Yedidya in our hearts."