Scene of Meron tragedy
Scene of Meron tragedyYaron Blustein, TPS

Haredi journalist Aryeh Ehrlich warned three years ago about the Meron disaster - and is now beating his chest over not doing more to prevent it.

Ehrlich, who writes for Mishpacha, tweeted in 2018: "First call to order: The narrow exit path leading from the bonfire area of the Toldot Aharon hasidic group creates a human bottleneck and horrendous shoving, on the level of an actual danger of being crushed."

In that tweet, he emphasized that, "This is the only exit."

"If we want to prevent a repeat of what happened at Rabbi Wosner's funeral - we cannot hold the bonfire lighting at this place before we create a wide exit with signage."

This tweet was widely shared on Friday, after it became clear that the bottleneck at the site had caused the stampede which killed 45.

However, Ehrlich himself on Friday tweeted that he is beating his chest in regret:

"Everyone is quoting this tweet from 2018, in which I warned about the danger in the hallway of death," he explained. "Only I am eating myself up and torturing myself for making do with a single tweet (and a few lines in a newspaper), and not taking the issue up obsessively and incessantly. I didn't drive everyone mad, and I didn't shake up all the authorities, and I didn't do a series of articles and tweets on it, until someone did something."