Arabs from the United Arab Emirates and Israeli Jews celebrated Ramadan and Lag Ba'Omer together at a special ceremony Thursday night in Dubai.

The event was organized by the 'Sharaka' organization, and included Emirati locals and Israeli tourists who lit a bonfire for Lag Ba'Omer, while sitting down together for the traditional Muslim 'Suhur' meal eaten in the evening during Ramadan.

"Real cooperation starts with understanding cultures," said Sharaka founder Amit Deri. "Jews and Emirati Arabs celebrating holidays is the most wonderful expression of this cooperation."

Rabbi Dr. Eli Abadai, the rabbi of the local Jewish community, addressed the gathering, lauding the Abraham Accords and touting the special gathering.

"We are celebrating the end of the pandemic, and especially the peace which has been formed between us."

"Holding an event like this in the United Arab Emirates symbolizes the start of a new age and bond."

Another unique gathering took place at the Grand Hyatt Dubai where a new Kosher restaurant was inaugurated: