ZOA chief Morton Klein
ZOA chief Morton KleinHezki Baruch

America’s oldest Zionist organization is “gratified that rational sanity has prevailed” after a failed attempt by Jewish progressive groups and radical left wing elements and media to kick it out of the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of Boston.

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), which was founded in 1897 as the country's first official Zionist organization, released a statement on Wednesday that they are grateful for the support of the “overwhelming majority of the council.”

“The JCRC Council…refused to take inappropriate actions against ZOA and who stood with us and defended the truth, such as the gentleman who stood up and said that ZOA and (ZOA President) Mort Klein are ‘fighting for the soul of the Jewish people and the defense of the Jewish State.’ We are especially pleased that the mainstream Boston Federation and the JCRC Board supported ZOA. JCRC chapters around the country have called us and asked ZOA to join them now.”

ZOA said that the groups calling for its ouster were “only the most radical hostile-to-Israel groups like J street, New Israel Fund (NIF), Workers Circle, and Keshet (founded by a NIF leader).”

They added, “Our radical adversaries condemned ZOA based on a set of distortions, absurdities, and blatant lies.”

The ZOA warned that American Jews cannot let anti-Israel groups divide the community with false attacks on pro-Israel organizations.

“ZOA appreciates the clear majority of JCRC members who saw through the obvious, breathtaking lies. We must and we will continue to fight to prevent the far-left from trying to divide the Jewish community by attempting to censor opinions they disagree with,” they said. “We dare not allow the radical anti-Israel left to impose ‘cancel culture’ on the Jewish community by their ascribing false and ugly labels on their ideological opponents, or silencing or diminishing the credibility of pro-Israel opinions they disagree with."