Bennett and Lapid
Bennett and LapidPhoto by Gershon Elinson/Flash90

Negotiating teams from the Yesh Atid, Yamina, and New Hope factions met Thursday morning to discuss the terms for a possible alternative government.

As of Thursday afternoon, the meeting is still ongoing, with the three sides discussing their conditions for forming a national unity government.

The talks come five days before President Reuven Rivlin’s mandate to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form a new coalition government is set to expire.

Should Netanyahu fail to form a new government by the deadline, Rivlin is expected to nominate either Yamina chief Naftali Bennett or Yesh Atid chief and Opposition Leader Yair Lapid, giving one of the two candidates the opportunity to try to form a government.

If the candidate selected by Rivlin is unable to form a government with 28 days, the mandate will be returned to the Knesset, which will have two weeks to vote in a new premier – or face snap elections.