MK Simcha Rotman
MK Simcha Rotman Hezki Baruch

Likud Center member Shlomi Vaknin was furious in an interview at the Ynet studio at MK Simcha Rotman (Religious Zionism party) and accused the national religious public of treason and bringing about the destruction of the state.

Vaknin went on to say that he was going to "learn guitar" in order to rejoice with the people of Israel on the day the settlements are evacuated "and you are thrown to hell."

"From the establishment of the state until today, the ones who overthrew the right-wing governments have been the right," Vaknin said in an interview with journalist Attila Schumpelby. "The ones who overthrew the right-wing governments for generationa are you - religious Zionism. I'm sorry I chose you. This is the third time I have voted for you."

"You are building settlements and destroying the State of Israel. You are destroying the Likud," he added. "I voted for you because my prime minister wanted to lift you above the electoral threshold. You are the greatest damage to the State of Israel and we will hold you accountable."

"From the day you arose, you dismantled the state and disbanded the Likud," he shouted. "I thought you would come and team up with us, but you remain the same traitors."

Vaknin accused MK Rotman: "You are the successor of Hanan Porat, who ousted Netanyahu in 1999 and today you will overthrow him and install a left-wing government. When we are evacuated from the settlements, I tell you Simcha Rotman, when we are evacuated from the settlements, I am going to learn guitar and rejoice with the people of Israel who will throw you to hell."

MK Rotman replied: "As we have seen, the man on the right would be very happy to play the guitar while evacuating settlements and of course also voted for us despite being a member of the Likud Center."

"We want a discussion on ideology, on politics, on values," he added. “I think the thing we have seen now does not reflect any of these."

"You're only concerned about your interests," Vaknin responded. "You have no ideology."

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