Bennett and Lapid
Bennett and Lapidצילום: גרשון אלינסון, פלאש 90

Yisrael Hayom has learned that in coalition talks between the parties, there is a proposal for the division of ministries that will include 23 ministers and a prime minister. In total, there are 24 positions that will be divided equally - eight ministers for each 'wing' - right, center and left.

According to the idea currently on the table, Naftali Bennett and Gideon Sa'ar will be considered the right wing, Benny Gantz and Avigdor Liberman the center, and Yair Lapid, Meretz, and Labor the left wing.

The report says that the main problem with the idea is that while Bennett and Sa'ar will receive eight portfolios for the 13 seats they hold, Ganz and Liberman will receive eight portfolios for the 15 seats they hold, Lapid, and Meretz and Labor will have to settle for eight portfolios for the thirty seats they hold, which could provoke strong opposition from Meretz and Labor.