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A Polish councillor in the town of Olecka went on an anti-Semitic rant at a council meeting during which she claimed that Jews were using the pandemic to murder Poles and take their houses.

According to the European Jewish Congress, Councillor Janina Anuszkiewicz said at the meeting, “We should do something about it because it is a very serious matter. These vaccinations are in preparation for a 90 percent reduction in the human population.”

She added, “Bill Gates is the main leader of the pharmaceutical companies, which is the main mafioso who administers all these vaccines. This is fixed, and oddly enough, they showed on TV how they vaccinate the Jews. They just got vaccinations and there are no complications, we don’t hear anything because they got placebo or some vitamins. However, these vaccines are very harmful. They weaken the human immune system."

In response to the politician's comments, Combat Antisemitism tweeted, "The growing prevalence of institutional antisemitism in Poland is alarming."

During the rant, Anuszkiewicz went on to accuse Jews of plotting to take over the houses of Polish people.

“There are housing estates in Warsaw and they are empty, uninhabited. They are waiting for the Jews. They will murder us and then take over. The Jews have not yet recognized Jesus, they are the chosen people and are waiting for the coming of the Messiah,” she said.

She then implied that “it is known what the origins of Bill Gates and those others are.”

“They do everything so that it is them who rule the world, just as Hitler did for the Aryan race to rule the world. I say it in a very telegraphic shortcut, but also scientists, great people, talk about it,” she continued, reported the Monitoring Antisemitism Worldwide website.

Anuszkiewicz became a councillor after gaining notoriety due to her appearance on Polish reality TV show "The Farmer Wants a Wife," according to Monitoring Antisemitism Worldwide. The show is about "five successful farmers (who) choose their future spouse from a number of city women" where viewers "follow the search of a soulmate in the picturesque Polish countryside."