Haredi publicist, commentator and former Knesset candidate Dov Halbertal, has endorsed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for another term as premier.

Despite being an avowed left-winger, Halbertal told Arutz Sheva he now supports Netanyahu’s bid for a sixth term as premier, saying he is the only candidate capable of leading Israel.

“Everybody in Israel, and perhaps in the world, needs to be grateful for our having such a political giant like Bibi Netanyahu. He is the best figure since Ben-Gurion, maybe even more.”

“With all of the problems in Israel, he is the man to lead us.”

Why is the individual so important, as opposed to the larger team, or policies?

“There is a bottom line, there are results. We see what he did with the epidemic and with the economy of Israel and the security and all the essential problems of Israel. He is the only one that can lead it.”

“Gantz, Bennett, Sa’ar, all those – he is in another league. You think Bennett could have solved the problem of corona in Israel? We saw Gantz, we tried Gantz – but it is impossible.”

“Netanyahu is the only one who can lead us in this time, and I say it as a leftist. I’m still a leftist.”

“We have to be thankful that he is our leader, and he has to continue to be our leader.”

How can he form a government?

“I have no solution…maybe direct elections for prime minister – I don’t know.”

“I just hope that I have influence, as a leftist, when I say that he is the only man that can lead Israel. Let us put everything aside and go with him.”

What makes you a leftist?

“A Palestinian state – I am in favor of it. I say it very clear. And other values – appeal to the court and the Attorney General,” said Halbertal, adding he also supported the Left’s positions on human rights issues.