Hamas Gaza terrorist
Hamas Gaza terroristצילום: Flash 90

Gaza is preparing for a continued war with Israel, Al Akhbar newspaper reported.

The Lebanon-based newspaper quoted a Gaza source who said that Gazans are preparing to renew the "balloon terror," in which Gaza terrorists send explosive and incendiary balloons into Israeli territory.

According to the source, this move is intended to pressure Israel. At the same time, the "night units" which operate on the Gaza-Israel border are preparing to increase their activities and have "completed their preparations all along the borders."

On Monday, Israel reduced Gaza's fishing zone in response to the continued rocket attacks from Gaza.

In response, Hamas spokesperson Abad al-Latif al-Qano said that "the closure of the fishing zone by the Zionist occupation is a gross violation of human rights and constitutes another form of aggression against our nation. It will not break our steadfastness."