Ayman Odeh
Ayman OdehDavid Cohen/Flash90

MK Ayman Odeh, chairman of the Joint Arab Listand chairman of the Hadash party, expressed full support for the the Arab rioters in Jerusalem following the removal of police checkpoints from the Damascus Gate.

In a Facebook post, MK Odeh hoped that the struggles that would break out in Jerusalem from time to time would eventually lead to a "decisive intifada that would lead to the liberation of Jerusalem from the occupation."

Odeh wrote: "The occupation backed down in the face of the young people of Jerusalem and removed the checkpoints at Bab al-'Amud (Damascus Gate). It was the occupation that backed down in the face of the youth of Jerusalem and removed the electronic gates in the al-Aqsa Mosque."

These are great and respectable positions for the residents of al-Quds (Jerusalem), and these are struggles that calm down and erupt until (the time of) of the decisive uprising that will lead to an end to the occupation and the hoisting of the Palestinian flag over the mosques of Jerusalem, the churches of Jerusalem and liberated Jerusalem."