Israel Police and Border Police forces were brought in to evacuate the students from the rebuilt Homesh yeshiva in Samaria Monday morning. The yeshiva was part of the Homesh community which was one of the four Jewish communities of Samaria which were destroyed as part of the 2005 Disengagement.

The forces removed the yeshiva students and families from the buildings and demolished the building. Among the buildings demolished were the beit midrash, the students' quarters and the houses of four families.

Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Elishema Cohen convened the students during the raid on the settlement and the destruction and called on them to continue their morning lessons despite the destruction going on around them.

"It is very painful that precisely in these days, between Independence Day and Jerusalem Day, when we thank G-d for the great miracles he performed for us and the country he gave us, that very country chooses to cut off its hand and destroy a settlement in the Land of Israel," said Rabbi Cohen.

At the end of the destruction, the yeshiva students returned to the place and continued the school day at the yeshiva. The director of the yeshiva, Shmuel Wendy, said that "the evacuation and destruction will not weaken the yeshiva students and they will continue to cling to the Jewish hold in northern Samaria. It is very unfortunate that while the State of Israel is showing weakness in eastern Jerusalem, it is finding time to take a hard line against the pioneers of the hilltops, who are settling the country with devotion and guarding the territory which was abandoned for no reason."

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