Sarah Halimi
Sarah Halimi Courtesy of the family

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said on Sunday that the French capital will name a street after Sarah Halimi, the Jewish woman who was murdered by a Muslim three years ago, i24NEWS reports.

"We know that what's at stake in this story is not just the Jewish community, but the Republic. We must turn up because an anti-Semitic murder has taken place, and this crime must be tried," Hidalgo told the French language BFMTV as she attended a mass protest against the court ruling not to prosecute Halimi’s murderer.

"Justice must be done for Sarah Halimi. I think we need a new law and that this law be called after Sarah Halimi. And we must fight anti-Semitism because it is a plague, a plague that undermines foundations of our Republic and of our democracy,” Hidalgo added.

"It is we who also have the responsibility today to carry this message, it must be done with determination. I also mean that a street will bear the name of Sarah Halimi in Paris, it is a project on which we go work on with the family,” she stated.

France's Supreme Court last week rejected a complaint filed by Halimi’s family against a 2019 decision by the Paris Court of Appeals, which ruled that the murderer, Kobili Traoré, could not be tried after sustaining a "delusional" episode from heavy marijuana consumption.

Halimi, an Orthodox Jewish woman in her sixties, died after being pushed out of the window of her Paris flat by Traoré, who was shouting "Allahu Akbar" during the act.

Traoré confessed to the killing but a subsequent psychiatric evaluation determined that he was not responsible for his actions.