Nissim Black
Nissim BlackMendy Hechtman/FLASH90

More than a thousand people are expected at this year’s One Flame Concert and Art Fest organized by Yeshiva Temimei Darech in Tzfat, Israel.

Scheduled for Thursday at the Metzudah Gardens of Tzfat, the highest point in the city, the concert is meant to coincide with Lag Ba’omer celebrations in honor of the “yom hilula” of Talmudic sage Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, who is buried in nearby Meron.

Event producer Rabbi Shalom Pasternak said that the theme of this year’s One Flame concert, which first took place two years ago and was suspended last year due to Covid restrictions, is rebirth.

“We need to raise ourselves out of our present troubles and create a future of messianic hope and prosperity. We are overdue for a rebirth,” he told Collive.

The event is to be headlined by rapper Nissim Black, whom Rabbi Pasternak added epitomizes the rebirth theme of the concert with his “pheonix-like” rise from misfortune to fame.

The rabbi noted that the concert will be Nissim’s first in Israel since the onset of Covid.