Situational assessment
Situational assessment IDF Spokesperson

Senior security officials estimate that the tensions that have begun in Jerusalem in recent days, along with the escalation on the Gaza border, may continue until the end of Ramadan.

A security source told the Kan News this morning that the IDF will respond fiercely to the continued firing from Gaza and that Iron Dome batteries have been increased following the escalation in the south.

The source also noted that "the shooting from Gaza cannot be cut off from what is happening in Jerusalem, but there are other motives." He expressed concern that security deterioration in the south could lead to riots in Judea and Samaria and affect what is happening on the northern border.

At the same time, Israel is working in diplomatic ways to bring calm to Gaza, after Hamas signaled that it is not interested in escalation.

During the day, Chief of Staff Aviv will present plans and operational scenarios for the near future, including extreme scenarios in all arenas.

The current position of the IDF is that the source of the deterioration is in the riots of Arabs in Jerusalem and in the clashes of the rioters with Jewish demonstrators, and therefore emphasis was placed on calming the situation in the capital.