Police in Jerusalem
Police in JerusalemIsrael Police

Israel Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai on Saturday evening gave a press conference in Jerusalem.

"We are increasing our uniformed and hidden presence, with all technological means available at our disposal, in order to allow freedom of religion for all those who want to come and pray," Shabtai said.

"In the past week, there we have had several unusual events. It started in the week of the TikTok [incident], during which there were several events which were tweeted and caused incitement. Israel Police worked until Thursday, with great determination and with all of the tools at our disposal, and we succeeded in catching and bringing to justice almost all those who carried out those incidents.

"On Thursday, there was a protest by the right-wing, the Lehava organization, which arrived here with the purpose of protesting. We prepared ahead of time, with increased forces, and we succeeded in separating between the residents of eastern Jerusalem and all those who came to protest.

"At the same time, we have allowed regular prayer on the Temple Mount. Unfortunately at the end of the event, there were several incidents around Jerusalem. They were local incidents and some were dealt with.

"One event which sticks out is the lynch which we are treating as a terror attack in all respects. We will respond and I promise to bring everyone who was involved there to justice. We cannot be in every corner all the time. All of the events will be investigated and dealt with, and I promise to bring to justice every person who caused harm in the way we have seen."