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The Australia Post has removed a world globe from its sales outlets and issued an apology after a Jewish man discovered that Israel was labelled “Palestine.”

The Australia Post is the government postal service in Australia.

According to the Australia Jewish News, the Jewish man bought the globe at the Australia Post’s Bentleigh East branch last February as a birthday present for his grandson.

After noticing that Israel was listed as “Palestine,” he contacted the Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC), an Australian Jewish advocacy group, to inform them of the situation, to let them know how upset he was and to say that he was returning the globe.

There was a second related error on the globe, with the name Israel appearing on the globe above the area labelled Palestine, in the region where Lebanon is located.

It was printed across a thick border, so only the letters “Isra” were identifiable.

The globe was manufactured by the Discovery company, whose products are common in Australia Post outlets.

An Australia Post spokesperson told the Australian Jewish News that sales of the globe have been suspended and that they “apologize for any offence caused.”

ThreeSixy Group, who produced the globe for Discovery, blamed the error on “a factory misprint” and stated that the mistake would be immediately corrected.

ADC chair Dvir Abramovich called the error an “outrage.” He told the Australian Jewish News that “displacing Israel and replacing it with the yet-to-be-established state of Palestine is misleading, unacceptable and offensive, and is an act of geographical erasure and disinformation.”

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