Police officers confronted Arabs and Jews in several areas in Jerusalem overnight Thursday.

In eastern Jerusalem, dozens of Arabs threw rocks at police forces, who used riot dispersal means to disperse the demonstrations. At the same time, an incident was reported in which a driver fired into the air after dozens of Arabs pelted his vehicle with rocks.

Hundreds of Arabs rioted at the Damascus Gate, throwing rocks and firebombs at police officers. The clashes continued even after police forces left the scene. In an incident near Herod's Gate, a Jewish driver was attacked while driving. When he tried to flee the scene, he was beaten and his car was torched.

A brawl also broke out in the Mahane Yehuda market in the city.

In another incident, dozens of young people threw rocks at police officers. Police and Border Police officers dispersed the rioters using riot dispersal means.

Earlier, the Jerusalem District Police, Border Police and many reinforcements deployed in mass numbers for the protest march that took place on Thursday evening from Safra Square to the Damascus Gate in the capital.

The forces, visible and undercover, were deployed in the protest area and other places in the city and will work to maintain order and prevent incidents of violence.

Hundreds of Jewish people began the march, shouting "may your village burn down", "Jewish blood is not cheap" and "death to the Arabs".

The police created a buffer between Jews and hundreds of Arabs who gathered near the Jews, throwing rocks and shooting fireworks at the forces.

Three suspects were arrested after being caught red-handed throwing rocks and shooting fireworks at police officers.

Even before the march began, police forces broke up riots near the Damascus Gate, during which Arabs throw stones and bottles at police officers. One officer was injured when he was struck by a stone thrown by an Arab rioter.

At the same time, the police continue to investigate the recent incidents of violence, some of which were even published on social networks, including incidents of disturbances, causing damage, and riots for which 79 suspects have been arrested so far. The detention of 64 suspects have been extended for further investigation.

A prosecutor's statement was filed today against two suspects in preparation for an indictment to be filed in the coming days by the State Attorney's Office.

The police said: "We will allow every person the right to protest and freedom of expression in accordance with the law, but we will act with zero tolerance towards any manifestation of violence, disturbance and violation of public safety."