Itzik Saidian
Itzik SaidianFrom 'Mahadura Hamerkazit,' Channel 12

Avi Saidian, the brother of IDF veteran Itzik Saidian, on Thursday morning spoke on Galei Zahal, calling on people to increase prayers for his brother's healing.

Itzik Saidian, 26, who was disabled in the line of duty, set himself on fire in front of the Defense Ministry rehabilitation center in Petah Tikva shortly before Memorial Day.

"To all the media and whoever hears me - I do not know where they get the details that he is in critical condition, but it brings us deep sorrow. My brother is in a life-threatening condition - the only thing I beg you to do is pray endlessly," the brother said.

His sister Leah added, "He underwent a tough surgery successfully, in a few days we will know if the results are positive. It is really not true that his condition has deteriorated. Doctors say he is in the same condition, and we are waiting for him to be out of danger."