Naftali Bennett and Binyamin Netanyahu
Naftali Bennett and Binyamin Netanyahu Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Political commentators and journalists reacted with puzzlement Wednesday at the Likud's attacks on Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett over the current political deadlock.

In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, the Likud said that “out of unbridled ambition to be prime minister at any price – with just seven seats – is prepared to empower the Left with a coalition of 50 MKs from the Left and the Join Arab List.”

Journalist Yair Shrek wrote on his Twitter account that "Sa'ar and Smotrich are preventing Netanyahu from running a government, not Bennett. But the fire is directed at him precisely because he is committing an even more serious act against Netanyahu: allowing an alternative government."

Journalist Yehuda Schlesinger ridiculed the Likud party's way of thinking. "Smotrich opposes the Arabs. Sa'ar boycotts Netanyahu. Abbas tricks the Likud. The Likud: 'Bennett is to blame,'" he wrote. He added: "This is starting to look like a crazy obsession."

Journalist Ofer Hadad tweeted: "The amount of passive-aggressive Likud comments about Bennett can support a lot of mental health professionals."

Kan political correspondent Amichai Stein stated that "it seems that Netanyahu is more concerned with smashing Yamina than forming a government. It seems more and more that the story of 'Bennett is to blame' on the part of the Likud - is not because they think that a government can really be formed, but because they want to attack Bennett ahead of the fifth election."