Danny Danon
Danny DanonOren Cohen

Israel’s 17th Permanent Representative to the United Nations and current Chairman of the World Likud, Danny Danon, clarified at a recent conference on Israeli-US relations that there is an expectation that the Jewish leadership in the United States will side with Israel in the struggle against the emerging agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue.

Ambassador Danon called on America’s Jewish leadership to stand with Israel in opposition to the US administration's intention to return to an agreement with Iran.

"We are reaching a period when America’s Jewish leaders need to decide whether they will stand with Israel or support the decision to return to the nuclear agreement with Iran" said Danon in his address to a panel of experts at the annual conference of the Ruderman program at the University of Haifa.

“The last time the nuclear agreement was debated, the American Jewish leadership supported Israel and that is the expectation of them today also."

"The position of the Jewish leadership in the United States has great significance and a proven ability to act to strengthen the security of the State of Israel" he said.

Danon further noted that the line taken by the new administration is clear, "We recognize the US administration’s desire to reach a quick deal with the Iranians. This will come at the expense of adhering to sound principles