the sinkhole
the sinkholeצילום: דוברות עיריית רמת גן

Ramat Gan Mayor Carmel Shama posted a picture of an apartment in his city on his Facebook page Tuesday showing a three-meter deep sinkhole in the middle of the living room.

Shama said the hole was opened following a nearby construction project, and promised that the incident would be investigated.

Police evacuated the building's occupants. "The pit opened in a way that endangered the occupants of the place and there is a fear of a general collapse of the building," police said. "The officers summoned the professionals required for examination and treatment."

"Our structural engineers are already in the field together with the welfare personnel. They have been instructed to make sure that no one is left in danger or unanswered as a result of the surprise loss of the floor," he said.

"I asked for a report of conclusions as to whether this was an unavoidable incident or the result of the negligence of the company that carried out the adjacent project, Rashi 12, which is currently under construction," the mayor added.