Netanyahu's supporters outside Elkin's home
Netanyahu's supporters outside Elkin's home Meir Indor

Supporters of the Likud demonstrated on Monday afternoon outside the home of MK Ze'ev Elkin (New Hope) in Jerusalem.

The demonstrators held up signs reading "Elkin, do not betray the values, do not betray the right, Elkin, do not ally with Tibi and Odeh."

At one point, a loud confrontation developed between the demonstrators and Maria Elkin, the wife of MK Elkin. "You are a bad woman, you hate Israel, you are a crazy woman," one of the activists shouted at her.

Maria Elkin replied, "Yes, I'm a bad woman and I'll explain it to you, too. Do you want to get beaten? Come on."

Another person shouted at her: "You crazy, you psychotic woman, you sick woman, this is why you are selling the State of Israel, because you are a traitor, a Russian traitor."

The chairman of the Yesh Atid party, Yair Lapid, said in response, "The ugly verbal violence against the family members of my friend Ze'ev Elkin is the bottom of the barrel of the politics of hatred and division. That is exactly what we need to change. This is exactly what an Israeli unity government can change."

Following the violence against Elkin's family, his wife Maria filed a complaint with the police.