UTJ members meet PM Netanyahu
UTJ members meet PM Netanyahu No credit

The United Torah Judaism faction announced on Monday evening that, at a meeting held earlier in the day with the participation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, members of the faction made it clear to the Prime Minister that if a right-wing coalition is not formed, they will go into the opposition.

"Amid the attempts to form a government, the faction members strengthened the Prime Minister's efforts to form a right-wing government and said they would work as hard as they could to form such a government," the party said.

During the meeting, the faction's spokesman said, the Prime Minister updated the faction's members about the security, political and medical situation in the shadow of dealing with curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

The members of the faction laded the vaccination campaign and said that Netanyahu had "the help of God to bring the vaccines to Israel and get the Land of Israel out of the coronavirus quickly," in as they put it.